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Scarborough Public School provides the educational focus for students from a cluster of Wollongong's northern communities. With the Illawarra escarpment as a backdrop, the school sits perched on a headland overlooking the Tasman Sea, with views of passing humpback whales (burri burri) during migration season. Scarborough is a small heritage- listed school, first established in 1878, which caters for approximately 68 students.

The atmosphere of the school is warm and welcoming, a mood which is reinforced by the historical charm of the building and the attractive physical environment bordered by trees and gardens. As a small school, Scarborough ensures that no student gets lost in the crowd. Every student is nurtured, challenged and motivated to achieve within a school environment that is supportive and focused on student wellbeing.

At Scarborough Public School, expectations for learning are high for every student and reflect the aims and goals of both our community and the students themselves.  The school has a very strong literacy and numeracy focus and develops meaningful, integrated learning programs for students across all key learning areas. It is understood that each child is an individual with different learning needs and goals. Differentiated learning programs are provided, aligned to the curriculum to ensure all students are challenged, independent learners who are working towards clear learning goals.

Scarborough prides itself on being a school where creativity is nurtured and learners are encouraged to explore and make, whether it be through hands-on science programs in robotics, establishing start-up businesses, making clay sculptures in our renowned art program or performing in our choir. We provide the tools, strategies and motivation for our learners to become true problem finders and solvers- all key skills in this rapidly changing world. 

The school believes in breaking down the walls between learners, whether it is through our use of composite classes, whole-school programs or collaboration across the Seacliff Community of Schools and further afield. It is recognised that students are part of a global world and their learning should be collaborative and inter-connected to reflect this.

Curriculum implementation and collaborative learning is supported by ready access to the latest technology and resources. A large collection of modern Chromebook notebooks and iPads are located in each room, providing immediate access for student research and learning.  This technology is complemented by an outstanding library of quality fiction and factual texts selected by a qualified teacher-librarian.

Students are encouraged to value safety, respect and resilience in an environment where learning is treasured. Classrooms are creative, collaborative, inclusive, relevant and well-resourced. Quality teaching and learning is achieved as a result of the commitment, dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm of the Scarborough staff who genuinely care for the students in their care.

Burri Burri students, Nest of Cuteness

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