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Scarborough ArtShow

A world of art

Enter our world of creativity here with some striking artworks to browse in our two photo galleries. 

Our Previous Years Gallery contains artworks from some of the acclaimed artists who participated in the 2021 Scarborough ArtBook as well as in many of our past art shows

Our Art Literacy Gallery includes some of the unique creations of Scarborough Public School students. These have all been made in their Art Literacy classes, which are made possible by the funds raised from the sale of artworks at the annual Art Show. Your support ensures that this fantastic programme can continue to inspire and nurture creativity and confidence in our students. 

Browse the galleries here and then you can discover more about the Art Literacy program in the About Us section of this website.

Art Show Gallery

Artworks from previous shows

Art Literacy Gallery

Scarborough student artwork

Artworks displayed on this page (L-R):