Scarborough ArtShow

Why do we run this event?

The Scarborough Art Show is a vibrant and fun local event that brings our community together. Families, artists, locals and visitors gather together to enjoy fine art and crafts in the beautiful surrounds of the Illawarra, between the dramatic escarpment and the ocean. Your visit and any purchases made will contribute immensely to Scarborough Public School and help support our children, particularly through our creative and inclusive learning programmes. For 25 years the Art Show has also fostered a deep community connection between our local artists, our school and our people. We love opening our school up to share so much creativity and joy, inspiring our kids and families and highlighting so much talent, generosity and dedication! 

What do we do with the proceeds?

The Scarborough Art Show is the major annual fundraiser for our small public school. We rely very much on the proceeds from this weekend to support our teachers and students in very considered and practical ways.

Here are some of the items this event has delivered for our children:

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Artworks dispayed on this page (L-R):