Art Literacy

Scarborough ArtShow

                  See things differently

Fox face, Jack

Frog pot

Agapanthus painting, Mila (experiments with agapanthus flowers)

Dance painting, a detail from a collaborative painting made by Gadhu and Mudjingaal classes while listening to music and dancing

After Matisse, Bobby

Little Green Man, Bobby

Burri Burri 2 (Whales), K-2 "Burri Burri" class painting

Clay Dragon, Ella

Studies for Flags, Mudjingaal class

Untitled, Maisie (coloured pen)

Bird pinch pots, Mudjingaal students

Ink splat creatures, Gadhu class, made by blowing ink through straws and making creatures from the random shapes

Green Dragon, Theo

Pinch pots, Peggy and Hugo

Peggy's pot, Peggy

Ink splat creatures, Isaac

Burri Burri 1 (Whales), K-2 "Burri Burri" class painting